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Decade Birthdays

Friday, March 18th, 2011

My brother Dennis will turn 60 in a few days. The family gathered in Black Hawk for a joyous celebration. Brother Bill and his wife Earlene graciously took me up and helped me get around as it was my first trip there in over fifteen years ñ and things have changed!

We went on Wednesday and had our own time with the Birthday Boy and his wife Claudia that day and, again, Thursday morning before others began arriving. Brothers Ralph, with wife Cheryl, and Roy, with wife Sue, arrived yesterday. Sister Linda was unable to join us due to health problems.

About 1:00 this afternoon (Friday) we all gathered in a room at the Ameristar Hotel. We lit candles on a large cake ñ 6 candles, each representing 10 years ñ and sang Happy Birthday. We basked in our time together and admired the glorious scene of snow on the evergreen trees from our vantage point on the 23rd floor. We brothers and sisters donít always agree with each other 100% (no political discussions by mutual agreement), but we do always love and respect each other.

Now in the quiet of my own home, I am reflecting on the tradition of noting decade birthdays in special ways. I remember aiming to get my doctorate for my 40th birthday. I missed that goal by a few months ñ receiving the Degree in December instead of May of that year, but I was still 40! My sister Linda threw a surprise party for my 50th birthday. We had a great brunch in the Sheraton Hotel in Lakewood with family and close friends. I was awake to greet my 60th birthday at 12:01 a.m., but exhausted, sitting in an airport in Lima, Peru, waiting to return from an inspirational two-week trip featuring Caroline Myss. The family honored that birthday a few weeks later with everyone giving me packages containing 60 of something ñ paperclips, note pads, marbles, stuffed mice, pennies, etc. When I turned 70 last May, Bill, Earlene, and Linda hosted a fabulous party for friends and family. I am truly blessed.

Yes! Letís celebrate life! Letís celebrate each decade and continue to anticipate even greater events and joys as we move into the challenging and unchartered territory of a new age.

Have House Will Move!

Friday, March 18th, 2011
Been out house hunting for most of week. Hard work!
Plenty to see, lots of info to process/remember(prices and locations) and hard to make that right decision.
Finding older homes need mucho renovations which can be costly thus equal to cost of some new construction.
What's a buyer to do? It a real dilemma!

So many helpful suggestions coming my way and I have people lighting candles, praying and projecting positive thoughts as well as looking for places for me to move to.

Advice includes:

Be patient. ìÖyouíll walk into a place and know itís the ONE.î

Spend more and buy new because renovations on the older home can be costly. ìTrust me, if it looks like it needs a little, it actually needs a lotÖif it looks like it needs nothing, it needs a little.î

Cheap is best.

Rent until youíre sure.

Go with your gutÖif it seems perfect for you, it is.

Move back home to NJ and come back to FL. Hmmm.

Get a condo; no work.

This project will proceed knowing itís life changing and that I will survive this ìperfect stormî and find the best place for me. Viva Las Residence!