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Have House Will Move!

Friday, March 18th, 2011
Been out house hunting for most of week. Hard work!
Plenty to see, lots of info to process/remember(prices and locations) and hard to make that right decision.
Finding older homes need mucho renovations which can be costly thus equal to cost of some new construction.
What's a buyer to do? It a real dilemma!

So many helpful suggestions coming my way and I have people lighting candles, praying and projecting positive thoughts as well as looking for places for me to move to.

Advice includes:

Be patient. ìÖyouíll walk into a place and know itís the ONE.î

Spend more and buy new because renovations on the older home can be costly. ìTrust me, if it looks like it needs a little, it actually needs a lotÖif it looks like it needs nothing, it needs a little.î

Cheap is best.

Rent until youíre sure.

Go with your gutÖif it seems perfect for you, it is.

Move back home to NJ and come back to FL. Hmmm.

Get a condo; no work.

This project will proceed knowing itís life changing and that I will survive this ìperfect stormî and find the best place for me. Viva Las Residence!