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Wat If?

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

What if every time you updated your computer you saved a life?

What if every time you pressed the call button on your phone you saved a tree?

And if each time you tapped your Ipad escape button, you freed an innocent hostage.

Negotiations galore; No I don’t think so.

Made up scenarios; Perhaps.

But they are all subjective and open to opinion.

In a world where less should be more, we follow rules and the rules here are enter and execute.

The power of the finger aligns with a keyboard, is all energy, which floats through the air via satellite, mixed with ones aura. And it comes back and tries to save us all.

We have moved into an age of obsessive behavior, because our present inventions have turned us into drones that follow their rules.

We have become a society of conditioned beings, that are told what to do and with what device to do it.

And since there is really nothing wrong with that, why not think of it as a true save. One which is a chance that mankind can heal itself.

So go ahead and press that key.

You might just do some good after all.

Book Friends

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

I have enjoyed spending time with two new literary friends this summer. I met both of them in books written by Alexander McCall Smith, a Scottish author. He creates comfortable women characters with charm, poise, and pizzazz.

Precious Ramotswe is the proprietor of The No. 1 Detective Agency inBotswana,Africa. This traditionally built woman is not called upon to find murderers, although she does sometimes identify thieves. Her main occupation is directed toward helping people solve everyday problems in life with compassion and confidentiality. Throughout the thirteen books published in the series so far, Mma Ramotswe marries Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni, owner of Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors, and some books later, her assistant Grace Makutsi marries Phuti Radiphuti, manager and heir of Double Comfort Furniture Store. Other delightful characters, all with distinctive personality quirks, also appear throughout the series.

Isabel Dalhousie is a philosopher in Edinburgh, Scotland. A wealthy woman in her early forties, she is the editor of The Review of Applied Ethics and feels a strong moral obligation to help others. Some think that she is a bit too nosy, but she is attentive to small details and a good sleuth. She lives intensely and passionately as her thoughts reveal her rich internal life. In the succession of the eight books in the series, she gives birth to a son. She and the father, a younger man, contemplate the appropriate time and place for a wedding ceremony through the next several books.

As I have been reading books in these two series, I have enjoyed visiting with the characters and I look forward to their continuing adventures.

Zoey the Dachshund's Biz Cards

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Zoey the Dachshund wants to have her say (or bark).

I am a dog that blogs, and that is pretty hip.

What is not so hip is that I’m not too keen on self-promotion. Sure, I preen and sit up extra straight in wait of pets from passersby as I stake out my spot on various coffee shop tables or restaurant patios or go on my daily walks.

But what I don’t know about is business cards, or didn’t until last week. I overheard Shelley’s friend, Katherine (who is very nice and pets me, even though she has allergies, but can you blame her?), tell her about an idea that popped into her head.

We were sitting outside of Starry Night Espresso Café in downtownFort Collinson, you guessed it, a starry Thursday night, and all these people came up to me and asked Shelley if they could say “hello” and give me a pet. I was in doggie heaven as my fan club gathered.

“You should print up business cards for Zoey,” very smart Katherine said to Shelley.

Shelley liked the idea, which included putting my photo on one side of the card and “ZOEY” in big letters on the other, followed by the name of my blog, “Zoey’s Paw.” And on the back of the card, Shelley could put her blog’s name, “Shell’s Ink,” along with her contact information.

Of course, I get front and center.

Not Shelley, who is writing about tension this week and probably would like that spot. Tension is the writer’s thing that drives a story forward and is the result of story conflict.

I would say my cuteness is what drives people to wherever I’m at to stop and admire my large, brown eyes, black-tipped, floppy ears and kohl-lined features. No conflict necessary.

You see, it’s because I’m the cutest dachshund west of theMississippi River, or actually globally. Plus, any big dogs that give me the evil eye in response to my big-dog barks should realize that I am BIG DOG in the blogosphere.