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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


They got you

Youíre infested

In your bed, you say.

Why not your couch?

Wherever there is warm blood, watch out!

Or maybe your favorite cushy chair, the one you fell asleep in tonight, before you were called by your mate to wake up and come to bed.

ìI am asleep and have been for most of the evening.†† Just incase you havenít noticed,î you yell back upstairs.

So you get up from your seat, straighten your back and scratch your head,

Oh well, you think.† Time to head up stairs and hit the hay.

Yes it is true you have become dinner, because wherever these creepy crawlers can move, by feet, they do as long as their reward is human blood and it looks like their next meal might be you.

Sleep well tonight.

That is where ever itís safe