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We are a group of northern Colorado writers, an eclectic group ranging from novelist to puppeteer, essayist to freelance writer.  Although only some of us make a living writing, all of us live to write!

We have been meeting weekly since November 2004, same place, same time.  We are in constant learning mode, gaining insight and perspective from one another's critique.  We are accountable to one another to be continually improving our skill of the craft.

Over the years we have developed quite a synergy as week by week, our trust and respect for one another grew.  Accountability and a genuine interest in each member's success motivates each of us to bring our best work to the table each week for critique.

Our blog, entitled Under the Cuckoo Clock, is a forum for us to try out ideas and practice the practice of writing. We will take turns posting to the blog, so it should be quite the cornicopia of topics, styles, and perspectives.

Be sure to check out The Bookshelf; as writers we are constant readers.  You might find a gem or two listed there.

We hope you'll come back to visit us again sometime soon.