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Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Here is a short poem I wrote last year, called "Imagine:"

Could you imagine

Life becoming

A plain in Nebraska

Not fighting for space –

Give me time –

The crowd too much

I could rise up

Let dreams

Give me back

To finding

That words let this and that

Just be.

Look What the Wind Blew In

Monday, January 10th, 2011


Look what the wind blew in early one fine morning.

It brought the month of January and came without a warning.

Temperatures drop, I shiver and shake.

A crystal glaze forms over the lake.

Snowflakes dance, fall from the sky.

Snowdrifts gather, ever so high.

Icicles shimmer without any sound.

Friendly snowmen stand jolly and round.

Jackets, mittens, knitted caps too

Snow boots, rosy cheeks, so much to do:



Ice Skating,



Snow forts,

Snow angels,


Hop, skip; jump, roll; slide and run.

Crisp, chilly weather means outdoor fun!

Laughter and cheers everyone can hear

Welcoming in a Happy New Year!

Thirty-one days, a wonderland of snow,

January passed quickly, until the wind began to blowÖ

What If?

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

On a recent sunny afternoon, my neighbor swore she saw the ghost of my dead cat sitting in my driveway. I donít believe in ghosts, feline or otherwise. But donít you love when something happens to make the Twilight Zone music play in your head and you ask yourself, ìWhat if?î

Maybe youíve wondered ìwhat ifî about Stonehenge, time travel, or Area 51. How about the Easter Island statues, telepathic communication, or long lost pirate treasures?

Hereís my personal favorite: getting up in the middle of the night to find my computer screen lit up. Is it a coincidence that one of my cats sits nearby, looking guilty?

Thatís what I love so much about books. For as long as you linger between their pages, you can teeter on the edge of infinite possibility. Ghosts are real, cats watch YouTube videos when weíre not around, and aliens live among us.

All you have to do is fire up your imagination and keep turning the pages!