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Good Enough

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

My name is Cindy and Iím an perfectionist. My whole life Iíve held myself to ridiculously high standards, agonized over mistakes real and imagined, and endured entirely too much stress over things that donít matter.

Did you notice the typo in the first sentence? Believe me, itís killing me to leave it there. But in my ongoing fight against being smothered by perfectionism sometimes I have to do things like that.

Iíve found perfectionism is like the kudzu vine engulfing the southeastern United States. It digs in its roots and insidiously takes over your life. You can hack it down, but when youíre not looking, it grows right back.

Thatís when I make a deliberate effort to cut myself some slack, try something new, or make a mistakes on purpose. Who needs perfection anyway? Good enough lasts a lot longer!