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If You Have No Proof, Then Let It Be True

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Talking to a child is a curious thing

You look into their eyes and there is a trust and a faith that is unspoken

When you speak of Santa Claus their eyes light up

The tooth fairy is brought to mind because of a boy with a space in his mouth where a tooth had lived for the last eight years,

†You ponder

There is hope and awe for any future riches that will come to them by simply wrapping up their white treasure in tissue and placing it beneath their pillow

Then, the next morning it turns into solid cash

When a child tells me that his mother is the tooth fairy I have to question it

Because the tooth fairy exists for anyone who still believes in her

But when a child insists that his mother is the tooth fairy, because she says so

†I tell them, how, when I little, a long time ago, I wrapped up my own tooth, in a couple of toilet paper sheets. Then I stuffed it beneath my pillow until the next morning when it changed into a dime

It was magic

After saying that I could see a smile and a bit of doubt coupled with hope, pop into his eyes

Since this small vulnerable child, has no proof and if they have never caught anyone exchanging their tooth for money, then why not let it be true