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This Life/Work Balance Thing

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

This balancing thing escapes me.† I think I am doing better at keeping track of what's what and then I go drop something.† I got two books on time management from the library and revamped my daily schedule ... but I still feel like a circus performer trying to keep plates spinning on sticks.† I run from one wobbling plate to another, giving each the amount of energy to keep it spinning.

Balancing Life in Your War Zones: A guide to Physical, Mental, and Spriitual Health

LeAnn Thieman's book makes me think and her personal story never fails to wow me.

So this month seemed like the perfect time to re-read Balancing Life in your War Zone: A guide to Physical, Mental, and Spritual Health by LeAnn Thieman.† Since it was published in 2008 I think I've read it cover to cover twice and skimmed through it several times.

Each time I glean something that seems appropriate for what I am experiencing at that time.† Like a devotional or collection of essays, there is always a tidbit that soothes my weariness or jazzes my bones. 🙂

Good reads are worth re-reading!
Anyone want to share a favorite book that stands up to reading again and again?

Wall Street Revisited

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

A lifetime ago, my husband started his business career working for a now defunct brokerage company called Eastman Dillon. Young, ambitious, gregarious and good at what he did, he did himself and the company proud.

The original Wall Street movie brought back many memories of his co-workers/friends, brokerage procedures and business practices and the good that life we led. It is one of my favorite films.

Yesterday I went to see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (title is a Gekko-ism from the first film). I was not only whisked back to another time and place but kept in the todayís-world-of-the-investment-game when Gekko says; ìSomeone reminded me I once said greed is good. Now it seems itís legal.î

Writers, Allan Loeb & Stephen Schiff, spun a tale of deceit, corporate thievery, financial doom and gloom, and the business and love struggles of a smart, young, ambitious investment broker. They wove the back-story of the original Wall Street into the filmóusing subtle and not so subtle techniques, and exposed the mess behind the recent bank bailouts we just experiencedóvery clever.

It's thorough, fast paced and engaging. I think director Oliver Stoneís work is impressive and the talented actors are well chosen for their parts.

Itís a good film and I suggest you go see it.