A Christmas Experience

*Last night I attended a Winter Solstice Celebration. It was a delightful gathering. We dined, wined and shared a warmth and willingness to embrace the moment and the meaning of light in our lives. †I left with an awareness of camaraderie and a peaceful heart.

*This morning I awoke to a sorrowful email from a friend. He wrote:

Lighting the tree? Christmastide?

Not for me.

Long gone, the brother. So weepy, the friends.

*My heart was saddened by his heartfelt outpouring. Even though Iím aware of the negative aspects this time of year possesses for many people, I was shocked and surprised to hear my friendís disclosure. I never knew. Of course I sent an email in response. I wrote:

The light of the season is within heart.

Thatís what people see, hear and feel from you.

The tree of life blossoms.

Dry your tears, friend.

Your light shines!

Blessings and Merry Christmas.

*Yes this is the season of joy, giving, love and peace and I do appreciate its being and itís true meaning. And in the words of† Tiny Tim Cratchit from Dickens Christmas Carol, ìGOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE!î

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7 Responses to “A Christmas Experience”

  1. Jan McNutt says:

    Yes, Christmas is all the good things, but, there are years when the stars are out of whack, the winds howl, and the rain won't stop. Bad things do happen to good people and the holidays can be difficult for them. Through trying times people with strong religious beliefs find comfort in the true meaning of Christmas. The rest of us just muddle through it.

  2. Beautifully said Helen. ~Merry Christmas

  3. cheryl Courtney says:

    A star, a light in the darkness; begins with love. We are all so blessed and I am grateful for you and your compassion. Be well, Enjoy the Love.

  4. Phyllis Kennemer says:

    We have all passed through some "dark nights of the soul". We do emerge as stronger people, but that doesn't make it easy at the time. We must remember that the sun is always shining. Sometimes its light is visable on the other side of the world and not on ours. Sometimes clouds block the sun's rays from reaching us. But the sun continues to shine and eventually we can once again bask in its glow.

  5. Well said Helen!

    Often we are coping with bad things and it darkens the spirit at Christmas more than other times. I've been blessed with a wonderful partner who, more than anyone else, has helped me to learn to see the good things when I only could see the bad.

    If you lose your mother and sister as a child, you just adopt new ones - and they are wonderful. You don't just make do with, but embrace all the new and old people in your life right now - they may not be there tomorrow. I am blessed with a whole new family that this wonderful person has brought into my life!

  6. I relate to the utter desolation your friend feels ... but have found going through the motions unlocks something inside. And as Fred said, I have found reaching out to others is the best way to re-warm my own heart. I hope your friend is blessed with friends who, like you, reach out to him.

  7. Shelley Widhalm says:

    I hope your friend's spirits have turned for the better. It is hard to be down, especially during a happy season. I wish I had been at the solstice. I love light, and I hope your friend finds some somewhere.

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