Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat

††††††††††† The warm crackling heat from the furnace wraps its arms around me like an old fur coat.

††††††††††† I snuggle between the kitchen table on a chair and prepare to eat breakfast.

††††††††††† The aroma of cinnamon and apples, along with the toasty smell of coffee, works its way up into my nostrils.

††††††††††† I turn the corners of my mouth up into a grin, pull my sweatshirt closer to my body and prepare my cereal with butter; sugar and heavy cream, then embrace the enticing morning feast with a gulp of coffee, while reaping the fine rewards that a cold morning can offer.

2 Responses to “Winter Retreat”

  1. Helen Colella says:

    Nice use of the senses.

  2. Cheryl Courtney says:

    Makes me shiver; thanks. I needed a blast of the cold--quite hot these days in my writing rooms.

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